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By Leah Casner

This is peasants storming the Bastille.

This is workers seizing the assembly line.

This is Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney putting on a show in the barn.  

This is high school kids getting together to stop the town bully from burning down the community center.

This is the sheriff warning the mayor that a giant white shark is endangering the upcoming festival.  

As you know, Gothamist and DNAinfo were eaten by the shark. Joe Ricketts killed his own kids when they asked for a decent allowance.

As the ecological niche for advertiser-sustained real news vanishes, the vacuum fills with mutant stories of unknown parentage, RT and Russian trolls, spreading infection by sharing and retweets. Good local news is being lost in intentional, international noise.

This is an experiment.

You are the peasants, you are the workers, you are the new sheriff in town.

Meet Gothamist In Exile, a crowd sourced, crowd-funded professionally curated local news blog, combining experienced journalists and citizen news-gatherers.   

Nonprofit, noncommercial, crowdsourced journalism. Think about that for a moment. 

We are not one; we are many.

32 thoughts on “WE ARE MANY

  1. I am THRILLED to have you back. I’m a front end developer with a full time job and a 1-year-old child, which is why I wasn’t able to volunteer today, but if you ever face a real crunch, let me know.

  2. Good to see you guys back. I work in another area of publishing but support your efforts and I was sorry to see you so instantaneously downsized like that. Best wishes and I will be reading!

  3. LOL watching starry eyed marxists get smacked in the face by reality is truly special. BTW the name Gothamist is trademarked. No amount of hope and change will fix that.

    I guess you’ll have to pay rent with your trust funds now?

    1. So you’re saying they should all be afraid, very afraid, because Joe Ricketts will sue for trademark infringement? To protect his ownership of a name he’s not using, for a publication that he decided to shut down? Yawn.

      The first effect of this hypothetical suit would be millions of dollars worth of free publicity for “Gothamist In Exile.” Which as a new project they could use. Presumably not Ricketts’ goal here, but whatevs.

      On the merits, Digital Meda Law Project says, “As a general matter, if you are reporting on, commenting on, or criticizing a trademark owner, most ordinary consumers will not be confused about whether the company or organization is the source or sponsor of your work.” Being as Gothamist In Exile is maybe a _teensy_ bit critical of Boss Ricketts, they oughta qualify. And I’d bet EFF would take that case.

      OK, gotta go now– have to make starry-eyed plans for collectivizing your toothbrush.

      1. ALSO the owner of a copyright has to be able to prove they’re actively using a name. Seeing as he shut the sites down, doesn’t seem too active. #notalawyertho

    2. So what you hate them because they hate the rich kids who run everything and because they’re rich kids? You sound like you have some stuff to work out.

  4. Can you bring in DNAinfo journos too? And add a pledge button! You can draw a stark contrast to corporate funded media (including ‘public’ radio). So glad you’re doing this!

  5. You guys need to optimize your portal for mobile and get a FB presence. Good luck with your operation and let us know how we can help

      1. it took me 2 minutes to verify Matt’s claim by going to the home page and reading the ‘who were are’ article; perhaps you should verify your claims before you accuse someone else of unverified mudslinging:
        “On Friday, the day after Ricketts announced the closing of Gothamist, we emailed a blanket invitation to join us to a former Gothamist staffer, who, we are told by a former DNAinfo staffer, forwarded our email to other former Gothamist as well as DNAinfo employees. To date, no former staff members of either organization have accepted our invitation.” http://gothamistinexile.com/2017/11/05/gothamist-in-exile-who-we-are-and-what-were-doing/

  6. From the NYer article: “Their experience with Ricketts, several said, has only confirmed their belief in the importance of unions in protecting the rights of workers.”

    You losers lost your jobs because you unionized but you want to double down. Unions kill businesses. GM. Chrysler. Gothamist. Hint: NO INVESTOR will ever fund a company started by union employees.

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